Centralised Vacuum Systems

Harmill Systems are the leading installer of bespoke centralised vacuum cleaning systems.

We have over 14 years experience in the installation of systems both large and small, from clearing swarf to cleaning whole trains and buses. Our systems are highly efficient, robust and designed for harsh environments.

Rubbish is separated into dust and “larger objects” in the cyclone and then discharged automatically into either Euro bins or to a compactor.

Connection is easy with simple push in connectors which are provided at conveniently located positions. On train cleaning systems the connections are on the platform adjacent to the train doors.

We have installed systems which routinely work with the furthest connect point over 150 metres away from the collector.

The control panel designed by Harmill Systems uses a PLC which monitors the system pressures and temperatures as well as controlling the self cleaning of the filter and emptying of the collection bins.

All systems are continuously electrically bonded throughout to eliminate static discharge.