Ride on Maintenance Vehicles

Battery Powered Train Pit Inspection Vehicle

Able to cope with arduous conditions with elevated temperature and humidity, this robust vehicle makes light work of travelling more than 300 metres under the Shinkansen 700T high speed train.

The vehicles incorporate state-of-the-art control with regenerative braking and on board computer controlled battery management and charging. Maximum vehicle speed is 100 metres per minute, running on specially installed pit rails.

Manual Pit Inspection Seats

This maintenance trolley is used to transport the maintainer and access the required areas. The seat has four axis movement and is fully reclinable, giving the operator impeccable flexibility and control over the work position.

The trolley is produced in two versions, one type runs on cushion tyres on the pit floor, and we also produce an extremely low friction model running on its own rails in the pit bottom.

The advantages of rail mounting become obvious once you test drive it and see just how smooth it is.