Plant Relocation and Installation

Plant Relocation and Installation

Whatever the size of your project, Harmill Systems can undertake the management. With our wealth of experience you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

The installation of this 95 tonne 90 foot long monster test tube was managed by Harmill Systems.
All the civil work and the installation itself was carried out by our own employees.

The 9 foot diameter door which can be seen in the left of the picture weighs 5 tonnes, runs on its own railway track and needed to be aligned precisely in order to seal. This meant that the whole tube as well as the door had to be lined up correctly and this was achieved by Harmill’s own skilled work force using laser technology.

The tube was transported to the site by road at night under police escort.

The movement involved a comprehensive programme of street furniture removal and replacement ready for traffic the following morning.