Specialist Storage

Grid Pallet

Specialist pallet for Tubelines Limited stores a heavy electrical item called a “Grid”. These pallets not only store the equipment but also form the lifting cradle for removing it from underneath the train. The pallets are used in conjunction with a manipulator to lower the grid from under the train. This automatically places them in storage.

Gear Pan Storage Pallet

Specialist pallet design and build for gearbox pans on the Piccadilly Line trains. The pallets are used for pressure washing dirty pans and storage of clean pans. The final design allows quick loading and unloading using fast action toggle clamps (red handles in the picture).

Chain Storage Trolley

Do your crane operators have to lift heavy chains or other attachments?
This special heavy duty lifting chain storage trolley allows the crane operator to attach and detach the heavy lifting chains without manual handling, thereby eliminating associated injury risk. Note the double wheel design to prevent jamming when crossing railway lines.

Bogie stacking frame

Frame for space efficient bogie storage.