Train Gearbox Oil Solutions

Correct oil filling quantity is critical in maintaining gearboxes on trains and other vehicles.

The Harmill Oil Transfer Unit saves time and ensures the correct oil filling quantity.

The pre-determined delivery quantity is pumped from the onboard oil tank to the train gearbox.

After initial filling, the operator can add small quantities of oil at the press of a button (0.1 litres) until the desired level is reached.

  • Integral 24V DC batteries and 110V charger
  • Logging of each gearbox delivered oil quantity and total amount for train
  • 150 litre oil capacity
  • 4 litres/minute pumping capacity at 5 bar
  • Mounts on the Harmill Standard Powered Hand Cart

Storage tanks for waste and clean oil complete the oil filling system. The tanks are equipped with inteligent pumps and quick couplers to automatically fill the oil transfer unit. Avoiding spills creates a clean, safe working environment.

Alternatively, we can provide a simple drain point for waste oil, with a pump to fill an IBC.