Powered Crane Vehicles

Battery Powered Vehicle With Integral Crane

Vehicle is driven using a tiller arm control, similar to a powered pallet truck.

Self Contained Handling and Load Moving Solution

This versatile vehicle reduces the need for additional fork trucks or cranes.
Quick and efficient handling of loads, no set up time or outriggers required.
Powered crane with lift/lower, telescopic jib with up to 2.2m reach, powered slewing with 360 degrees rotation.

Crane control from tiller head or remote pendant.
State of the art electric vehicle design and control with AC motors, regen braking and on board charging.
Bespoke designs possible for restricted access and specific tasks.

Up to 1000kg platform load.

Up to 500kg crane capacity.

Platform size 550mm to 850mm wide x 1200mm to 1500mm long.

2.3m closed height, up to 3.5m lift height.

Weight: 1500 kg

Max speed: 1 m/s

3 & 4 Wheel designs.

Stacker type truck with forks and loading crane, interchangeable attachments available.

Small Hand Cart With Hoist

This cart was constructed to handle ATO equipment from the cab. The equipment weighed 65 kg, but was very awkward to handle and susceptible to damage. This neat solution not only removed the manual handling risks, it also speeded up the operation.