Mobile Lifting Tables

The powered mobile scissor lift makes light work of difficult to access side hung train equipment. We can adapt the design to any application of a similar nature. Ideal for heavy bench transfer applications.

Standard table size 1600 x 900 mm, with 1000kg working load. Standard table level 250 to 950 mm.

Large table is 2000 x 2000 mm, with 2000 kg working load. Other sizes and loads available on request.

As an option, the scissor lift can be equipped with a table that tilts and a table that can make fine translation adjustments using handles. This allows fine positioning of items to be installed, making the task easier and faster.

The mobile lift table is powered by onboard batteries and has an integrated 110V charger. An electrically driven hydraulic pump provides easy control of the platform up and down. These functions, as well as standard driving and steering, are operated from an ergonomic tiller.

Watch a video here of the large lifting table in action.