Train roof access platform

Harmill have used the knowledge and experience gained from developing their successful range of electric battery powered vehicles, platforms and lifting equipment to produce a solution which is both novel and cost effective – THE MOBILE ROOF ACCESS PLATFORM.

The gantry travels on rails set into the floor either side of the running rails and is suitable for use on roads with or without pits, this allows: –

  • Positioning anywhere along the train
  • Access to the train roof from both sides
  • Safe working on top of the train
  • Unrestricted access to the rest of the train for other types of maintenance.

The gantry includes a 6m long high level platform for unrestricted access to large roof equipment, low level platforms for train access with a footprint of only 3.2m. A full-length integrated crane for handling heavy equipment such as HVAC units, equipment can be traversed to the end of the train and lowered to the apron.
Integrated task lighting is included. Additional equipment such as power sockets or centralised vacuum systems can also be included.

This solution is considerably more cost effective than fixed high-level access platforms and a crane, running the entire length of the train.

For access to the roof, small adjustable floor panels are deployed either side of the train to close the gap between the platform and the train, these act as kick boards in the stowed position.

Drop-down gates at each end create a safe working area on top of the train.

All gates and floor panels are interlocked to the drive to prevent unwanted movement. The interlock system can also interface with the depot safety system to prevent unauthorised train movement.

The platform is powered by batteries, with onboard charger and inverters. Control of both platform movement and the crane is by radio remote control.

After installation of the rails, the unit can be site assembled and commissioned in one week.